I am in Phitsanulok Province and would like to order frozen fish. How much is the minimum order and cost of transportation
Our company provides free delivery services if your order is 1,600 kgs. or more. For orders less than 1,600 kgs., the cost of transportation will be calculated according to the distance from our nearest distribution center to the place of delivery in order to minimize transportation cost. We will provide you with the lowest possible rate for your consideration before transporting the product.
How will clients be assured that the products delivered are fresh Clients are afraid that the products will be rotten by the time they reach the clients’ premises.
Our products are always kept in a minus 20 degrees Celsius chill room under the quality control and assurance of food experts. In addition, these controls and assurances will be conducted in every step before passing the products to the clients. As a result, our clients will be assured that our products will always have a high and fresh quality upon reaching their premises.
What are the terms of payment Can clients pay by credit card Are there alternative payments.
Clients can only make cash payments or bank transfers. For more information about our policies on payment, please call 045-634-444. You can also call our Call Center at 081-999-2665, 081-919-3965, 081-915-9665, 081-919-9851, 081-9774924, 085-778-7171, 085-778-5335. Clients can also inquire from our nearest branch by checking the company’s website at www.boonsirifishery.com and click Distribution Center or, you can make inquiries through our Contact Us page.
If clients need to make an order at night time or has urgent inquiries, who can they contact.
We provide customer services and call centers so that clients can call us anytime 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Therefore, our clients need not worry because you can contact us anytime whenever you need help. Be free to call our Call Center at 081-919-3965, 081-919-9851, 081-977-4924, 081-999-2665,085-778-5335, 085-778-5335, 089-915-6665
I have heard that Boonsiri has other branches. Where are they located Do they provide clients with the same standard of services. I have also heard that headquarters always provide better services than branches.
Our customers will always be assured that in every branch, we never fail to emphasize the same standard of best quality, one-stop service as that of the headquarters. In addition, we are pleased to inform you that we have Distribution Center in the North- east region covering Ubonratchathani, Si Sa Ket, Buriram, and Amnatcharoen, Customers can find out more about our branches through our website on the ‘Locations’ page. We will be establishing more branches and distribution centers in the very near future so that we can provide you the fastest service.


Does your company sell other kinds of fish other than Thai Mackerel
The frozen fish products of our company include Thai Mackerel (Thai Short-Bodied Mackerel), Pakistan-Indian Mackerel, Indian Mackerel, Indonesian Mackerel, Chinese Mackerel, and other frozen fish such as scombroid, Thai-Indian Mackerel, Common Bigeye or Bloch’s Bigeye, Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean Saba Fish, Hardtail Scad, Ponyfish, and a lot more. If you are interested in any specific product or have any inquiry, please feel free to contact our company or our Call Center anytime.


I have such a big family. I am now 2 months pregnant and I want my unborn baby to be smart. However, my baby’s grandparents both have Alzheimer’s disease. I have heard that eating salt water fish can help. How true is this Do frozen salt water fish contain the useful nutrient similar to fresh salt water fish. How does this affect Omega 3.
According to an academic publication, Omega 3 is an unsaturated fat useful to the human body. However, our body cannot generate unsaturated fat. Experiments made by different countries have discovered that Omega 3 reduces the risk of heart disease. It prevents blood clot in the cardiovascular system. It also supplements the functions of the brain, particularly the memory function, by reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, Omega 3 helps the embryo in the womb develop its sight function by transferring Omega 3 from the mother to the embryo. Moreover, it helps us release stress. Consequently, people around the world are accepting the attributes of Omega 3. Similarly, the demand for food products containing Omega 3 is steadily increasing. This nutrient will be provided by salt water fish. Some of the different kinds of food that contain Omega 3 are frozen mackerel and instant food. Definitely, we can easily find and have frozen mackerel. If we correctly choose and cook frozen mackerel, we will get the benefits of Omega 3, which is good for our health. Aside from this, we can save more time which is crucial in our new generation lifestyle. Eating good quality, fresh, and clean frozen salt water fish will therefore definitely enable us to gain nutrients as much as eating fresh salt water fish. Moreover, we will be able to utilize our time properly.
I have heard that mackerel can slow down aging. It also makes us beautiful. Is this true?
According to the article ‘Matichon’, an online newspaper dated 19 October B.E. 2551 on 091011, it was stated that Doctors say that having 2 mackerels a day can slow down aging and protect us from getting sick.” Medical doctors also stated that the following methods will be helpful to Thai people in slowing down aging avoid sleeping late; avoid sugar and carbohydrate; weight control; eat green vegetables; do sit-up exercises 30 times a day; take a deep breathe; and have 2 mackerels a day. This is an urgent matter which should not be overlooked. Mackerels are anti-oxidants. It also contains protein and Omega 3 that help reduce cholesterol, triglyceride, and fat in the cardiovascular system. Omega 3 also prevents the development of Alzheimer’s disease, maintains normal brain function, and reduces the risk of cancer. Therefore, if we like to be healthy and beautiful, we should better have mackerel. Our body will absorb the useful nutrients essential in slowing down aging. However, we should also maintain good nutrition, have an adequate sleep, and drink 8 glasses of clean water everyday.